Non-Pharmaceutical Methods to Improve Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is a male health disorder that features uncontrolled ejaculation within 2 minutes after sexual penetration. The condition means a man cannot control his ejaculation function, and it happens without his desire. The complication usually results in personal distress and unsatisfactory sexual experiences. Temporary symptoms of premature ejaculation appear in an overwhelming majority of people at some point of their lives, while permanent sexual disorder requires medical help. The issue has numerous causes, but it also triggers multiple undesirable results, with the most significant being dissatisfactory sex life, stress, anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, erectile dysfunction, decreased self-confidence and others. Nevertheless, several medical researches and pharmaceutical investigations resulted in numerous ways to improve the symptoms of premature ejaculation and provide men with an ability to control their sexual function.

Causes and Symptoms of PE

Once ejaculation occurs very fast after penetration, and the condition repeats again and again, it is probably the right time to address a doctor. A healthcare provider will discuss your sexual history and medical conditions with you before diagnosing you with premature ejaculation or some other sex disorder. This devastating condition has numerous specific symptoms, including:

  • Uncontrolled ejaculation that occurs without control and sexual stimulation;
  • Reduced sexual drive, desire and pleasure due to the inability to control sex functions;
  • Frustration, embarrassment and dissatisfaction, etc.

Striving to eliminate these symptoms, one should find an optimal treatment that will be effective and affordable. Certain people consider PE surgical treatment as the most effective and fast way to improve the problem and don’t rush to radical methods. First, investigate the causes of the disorder and eliminate them.

Several factors can contribute to occurrence and further development of premature ejaculation. They can be both physical disorders and psychological problems. Biological causes have recently been approved as the third group of PE causes. Talk to your physician to find out the cause and opt for an ultimate treatment.

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Top Popular Premature Ejaculation Treatments

Depending on PE cause, the treatment will differ greatly. While premature ejaculation caused by psychological problems can be easily treated with elimination of its source, a physically stimulated condition requires a more serious treatment course. Among the main types of premature treatments are:

  • Psychotherapy for people experiencing sex disorders due to certain mental or emotional disorders. Relaxation techniques and different distracting methods may improve the condition;
  • Premature ejaculation surgery treatment cost may serve the reason why people refuse from this method at once. However, such a radical way to improve premature ejaculation disorders is dangerous and can have negative results;
  • Numerous creams, sprays and gels are currently available on the pharmaceutical market as additional items to delay ejaculation. Though, in the majority of cases such products are ineffective or even harmful.