Protect your erection for life: top tips

As we all know, erectile dysfunction (ED) becomes all the more common as we grow older. Nevertheless, it never was and never should be a natural part of aging. It is not inevitable. You can and should avoid erectile dysfunction because having a healthy and fulfilling sex life is immensely important. Here are a few tips for people who want to avoid ED altogether.

Maintain a healthy diet

Simple connection here: foods that are bad for your heart are also bad for your erections. It has everything to do with blood supply to the penile area. If your heart is weaker, the blood flow to the penis is not all that great.

Keep a healthy weight

Of course, being either overweight or obese can cause plenty health issues, including diabetes and nerve damage.

Check your testosterone levels

Don’t drink (or drink in moderation)

There’s plenty of evidence that excessive drinking is bad for your health (that included your ability to have erections). Curiously enough, there’s zero evidence suggesting that moderate liquor consumption is bad for your sexual health.

Work out regularly

This should be a no-brainer. Staying fit is the key to long and healthy life. You have to avoid biking, while you’re at it. Biking can damage your blood vessels/nerves in the perineum area. You can also look into special pelvic exercises aimed at helping men struggling with ED.

Check your testosterone levels

You need to regularly check your testosterone levels once you hit 45. As you grow older, your testosterone levels begin to decline rapidly. Even if you’re perfectly healthy.

Quit smoking

As if there weren’t enough risks tied with smoking. Cigarettes inevitably damage your blood vessels, therefore, decreasing blood supply to the penile area.

Reduce stress

Anxiety is one of the top reasons for ED. Be it performance anxiety or work-related stress, all of that can have serious impact on your ability to get and maintain an erection.

Get enough sleep

At least 7 hours per night is a must. Unless you want to struggle with ED once you hit a certain age, you need to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern.