Blog: Sexual Dysfunctions and ways to Treat it.

Reason Why Males Need to Eat More Fruit

Males Need to Eat More FruitWhile females are more concerned about their diets, males do not pay due attention to what they eat. However, the products you consume influence your health state greatly. Following the recommendations of the leading doctors and nutritionists, men should increase the intake of specific fruit, as they provide the organism… >>>

Symptoms and Treatments of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

According to medical terms, benign prostatic hyperplasia is the enlargement of the prostate gland. The condition is typical of older men. The disorder causes a range of urinary symptoms that block the urine flow out of the bladder. Additionally, the aggravation of benign prostatic hyperplasia can result in serious kidney… >>>

Way Blood Type Can Influence Male Sexual Health

connection between erectile dysfunction and blood typeBefore you find the relation between blood and impotence, it is inevitable to mind the process of erection achievement. Blood is an important component of the process, which is necessary for the achievement of a hard and long-lasting erection. The lack of blood flow to the penile area decreases your… >>>

Sleep disorder may cause a development of the erectile dysfunction

Most men know that smoking, alcohol abuse and junk food may cause a development of the erectile dysfunction. But some do not even think that a usual sleep deficiency may also affect their potency.

Researches have proved that insomnia is a cause of the erectile dysfunction in 4-7% of cases.… >>>

Men with low level of testosterone are amenable to depression

Testosterone is the main male sexual hormone that has a special role in the physiological processes. This hormone has a small action. But testosterone is changed into more active forms in the body which are responsible for the functioning of all processes.

The entire endocrine system of a man is… >>>

Methods of Male Contraception

Overview of Male ContraceptivesWhile female birth control techniques are more popular, contraception for men is also ultimately important. However, there are only a few ways males can warn unwanted pregnancy. Traditionally, there are two effective options for contraception, including vasectomy and condoms. Contrary to this, women have more than 11 different techniques of… >>>

Yoga as Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is a condition that makes it difficult, or in some cases impossible, to achieve and maintain an erection. Among its causes are the lack of physical activity, obesity, smoking, drinking, stress, depression and other.

In the past, ED was perceived as a disorder the… >>>

Gout can cause erectile disfunction

Gout, in and of itself, is already is a serious struggle. If you compound it with erectile disfunction, your life can become a living nightmare. Several new studies suggest that there’s a clear and direct link between gout and erectile dysfunction. In this brief article, we talk about these two… >>>

Low quality of life and depression may lead to erectile dysfunction

low quality of lifeThere are many, many studies backing up that claim. At the end of the day, it’s just common senses: low quality of life leads to erectile dysfunction. Let’s go over some erectile dysfunction causes categorized as the “lifestyle” ones.

Lifestyle factors which lead to erectile dysfunction

  • Smoking. That’s a big… >>>

Age-related changes in cardiovascular system

There are many changes that happen in your cardiovascular system as you age. Some changes are completely normal, some might have a serious impact on your health. Let’s go over some of the “expected” changes in cardiovascular system.
Normal changes:

  • Heart needs to work faster/harder to keep the normal oxygen… >>>