Way Blood Type Can Influence Male Sexual Health

connection between erectile dysfunction and blood typeBefore you find the relation between blood and impotence, it is inevitable to mind the process of erection achievement. Blood is an important component of the process, which is necessary for the achievement of a hard and long-lasting erection. The lack of blood flow to the penile area decreases your chances to experience an erection, sufficient for a sexual intercourse. Still, the link between the blood type and erection is vague and not clear. However, the connection exists, and it is important to mind it.

According to the results of the medical research, males with type O blood have several times lower risk of erectile dysfunction occurrence than men with type A, B, and AB blood. In fact, people with type A or B blood showed 4 times higher risk of impotence development, while those, with AB blood type were 5 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction. The results of other investigations proved that type AB blood features an enhanced risk of other health issues development, especially blood clots, heart disorders, advanced cholesterol.

The identical mechanism responsible for the above-mentioned health problems can be driving the connection between the blood type and impotence. In fact, the erection related issues can appear three years prior to heart complications. The reason for such a tendency is explained by smaller arteries in the penile area, which show more effects from the buildup or damage. Since the arteries around the heart are thicker, they can be influenced later.

Medical specialists claim that the advanced risk of people with type A and B blood can be caused by a higher level of adhesion molecules in the blood that can further lead to plaque buildup development in the arteries. Such process, in its turn, will impair the blood flow to the heart and the penis, triggering heart-related complications and erectile dysfunction. Contact your medical specialist in case you have A, B or AB type blood and have noticed any symptoms of impotence.