Disregard of the health poses risks to severe consequences

bad habits and their influence on the male healthWe have been told in childhood that bad habits have a bad influence on the health. Smoking affects the work of the heart and brain, alcohol abuse kills the nerve cells and may cause alcoholism, junk food and fatty meals cause adiposity, sedentary life-style reduces tolerance of the heart and decreases the immunity.

And when we grow up, we have a certain store of knowledge: what is good, and what is bad. However, most men find out in adult life that all bad habits also influence on the sexual health.

An issue of the male sexual health remains lately a priority. The erectile dysfunction is diagnosed in every third man, but the matter is that a number of men with the infertility grows every year. As the problems with the sexual function are revealed, a man goes to doctors. But it may be too late sometimes.

Here are several examples how the bad habits harm the male health:


Nicotine is one of the most harmful chemical compounds reaching the lungs of a man. Besides the negative influence on the blood vessels and organs in general, it has a bad effect on the potency causing the spasms of the microcirculatory vessels of the penis and worsening of the blood flow in them. Moreover, the body gets a lot of tars and chemical products of burning during smoking, and it has a bad influence on the sperm quality. It has been proved that smokers have a reduced production of spermatozoa by 35%.

Moreover, smoking causes diseases of lungs and cardiovascular system.


Any type of alcohol is harmful for the male health. Beer increases the level of estrogen in the male body. It means that testosterone will be reduced at an equal rate. A decrease of testosterone causes a worsening of libido, the erectile dysfunction, and even loss of a fertility.

Ethyl alcohol is very dangerous for the nervous system. It destructs the nerve cells and is able to cause severe neurological and psychological disorders. There is no need to say how mental health is important for a human not only in the bedroom, but also during the everyday interaction with the world around.

Improper diet

A consumption of fatty food, junk food, and GMP affects the body of a man. Therefore, every 4th man has cholesterol plaques on the blood vessels, an excessive body weight, low tolerance, and bad heart work till the age of 40.

Obesity causes the increase of estrogens, high blood pressure and a high risk of stroke. A healthy potency is out of the question in this case, because all these pathologies and physiological changes directly affect the quality of erection and an ability to conceive.

Unfortunately, young couples do not discuss these delicate issues. Therefore, we start caring about our health only when a serious problem appears. But if we think of the bad habits today, we may probably avoid these negative consequences.