How to treat premature ejaculation?

Q: I am 40, and I have a quick ejaculation. Any chances to fix it?


A: A premature ejaculation bothers men just like a sexual disorder. It is a common pathology in the urological practice. The premature ejaculation is often peculiar for your men who have just started a sexual life and do not have a great experience. They have a rapid ejaculation due to the uncontrollable sexual arousal.

Even men at mature age have the premature ejaculation. In fact, there are chances to fix it, but it is necessary to know a cause of the pathology.

The basic cause of the premature ejaculation in mature men is organic disorders. This is often an increased sensitivity of the penis head. This peculiarity may be congenital, or acquired. A cause may consist in the inflammatory diseases of the genital tract: prostatitis, spermatocystitis (inflammation of seminal vesicle), colliculitis (inflammation of seminal crest). Sperm is kept in the seminal vesicles; in case of the inflammation, their walls become sensitive and are easily contracted, and ejaculation happens even during light sexual arousal. Therefore, if rapid ejaculation appears, go to a doctor and take tests. Infection may be a cause of the high sensitivity of the penis.

There are also other causes such as spine trauma, alcohol abuse, nervous disorders, and others. Therefore, in order to treat the premature ejaculation, go to a doctor. If the problem is not neglected, and a cause is found out, the functions of the reproductive system may be quickly restored, and the sexual life will be good.