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Regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer

Staying fit and exercising regularly is not an easy feat. Many people believe that you need inspiration to work out. Everyone keeps on posting motivational quotes and cool pics to stay “motivated”. This is entirely wrong, exercise is not about inspiration, it’s about routine and discipline. Once you build up… >>>

Men with low level of testosterone are amenable to depression

Testosterone is the main male sexual hormone that has a special role in the physiological processes. This hormone has a small action. But testosterone is changed into more active forms in the body which are responsible for the functioning of all processes.

The entire endocrine system of a man is… >>>

Age-related changes in cardiovascular system

There are many changes that happen in your cardiovascular system as you age. Some changes are completely normal, some might have a serious impact on your health. Let’s go over some of the “expected” changes in cardiovascular system.
Normal changes:

  • Heart needs to work faster/harder to keep the normal oxygen… >>>

What’s New in ED Treatment

According to the rapid increase of the modern research and studies related to the problem of erectile dysfunction, the condition can be defined as widely spreading. Over 20% of male population is affected by one of the most common sexual disorders. The physiological processes, which trigger erection, have been thoroughly… >>>

Does Testosterone Therapy Improve Sexual and Urinary Function?

Testosterone is a significant steroid hormone, which is naturally produced in the organism to balance numerous essential functions, including urinary, sexual and metabolic. It is also involved in the regulation of several other critical functions. Testosterone decrease is a part of the aging process, which also triggers the symptoms of… >>>