Men with low level of testosterone are amenable to depression

Testosterone is the main male sexual hormone that has a special role in the physiological processes. This hormone has a small action. But testosterone is changed into more active forms in the body which are responsible for the functioning of all processes.

The entire endocrine system of a man is built on the action of testosterone and its active forms. In case of the low level of this hormone, the pathological processes are started. These processes happen not only in the endocrine system but also in the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

The concentration of testosterone in the blood is not constant. It may vary under the influence of the different factors. There are two values to detect a normal range of testosterone:

  • General testosterone. Its values should be within 12-33 nM/l
  • Free testosterone. Its values should be within 4,5-42 pg/ml

Many men have noticed that they have an emotional imbalance, fatigue, and irritability from time to time. It may be caused by the decreased level of testosterone. Alcohol abuse, body weight gain, and other factors may cause it.

Scientists have proved that a decreased level of testosterone has very negative consequences for the body. First of all, a concentration of the female sexual hormones estrogens is increased during the decrease of the male sexual hormones. A lack of the sexual hormone is manifested in the form of the reduced muscle mass, low tolerance and fatigue, psychological instability, and mood swings.

Depression is one of the main signs of the testosterone level in men. If there are no objective causes of the development of this psychological disorder (stress, fatigue at work, family problems, etc.), a low level of the testosterone has become a cause of depression at the 99% credible level.

A mental health of a man depends on the level of the sexual hormones. And this addiction is not only direct, but also indirect. For example, a natural decrease of libido happens during the low level of testosterone. Due to this, a man often has problems with potency, and a sexual drive drops. Depression develops even faster in this case.

That is why, it is very important to follow the level of the male sexual hormones and react to the dropped level in time. Men at the age over 40 should pay a special attention to it because an abrupt reduction of the sexual hormones release happens during this period, and emotional imbalance occurs. We call it middle-age crisis, and doctors have already found out an explanation of it and are ready to help every man.