Premature Ejaculation and Men’s Health News

Protect your erection for life: top tips

As we all know, erectile dysfunction (ED) becomes all the more common as we grow older. Nevertheless, it never was and never should be a natural part of aging. It is not inevitable. You can and should avoid erectile dysfunction because having a healthy and fulfilling sex life is immensely… >>>

Myths and Facts about Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sex-related disorders, similar to erectile dysfunction. The main issue about the condition is early ejaculation, which you cannot control. Men diagnosed with premature ejaculation, experience harsh times setting control over the natural process of ejaculation, so it can occur right after the… >>>

Top 10 Reasons that Destroy Your Marriage

If your marriage creaks at all seams, it is the best time to find out possible causes and trying to avoid them. It is never late to find the common solution and avoid a divorce. The main thing here is mutual love, understanding and desire to stay together.

There are… >>>

Methods of Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature ejaculation is a devastating health disorder, which interferes with the male ability to hold an erection. People with the symptoms of the disorder ejaculate either before the penetration or several seconds after it. Anyway, the experience is ruined and the intercourse fails.

Fortunately, the modern pharmaceutical market offers a… >>>

What Are the Most Common Problems Males Address Urologist with?

A urologist is a subject matter expert, who is aimed at diagnosing and treating the disorders, associated with the urinary tract system. According to the statistics, males address this doctor more often than females. The concerns are different, but the tendency is rapidly growing. In addition to the urinary tract… >>>

Disregard of the health poses risks to severe consequences

bad habits and their influence on the male healthWe have been told in childhood that bad habits have a bad influence on the health. Smoking affects the work of the heart and brain, alcohol abuse kills the nerve cells and may cause alcoholism, junk food and fatty meals cause adiposity, sedentary life-style reduces tolerance of the heart and… >>>

Possible health consequences after transgender transformation

Transgender people have come out of the shadow. Movies are made about them, books are written about them, they go out on the runway and promote cosmetics. Clinics of the corrective surgery already offer the complex procedures for people who have decided to have genital reconstruction.

Nowadays, the gender reassignment… >>>

Healthy Lifestyle Can Improve Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual disorder, erectile dysfunction or impotence – the same condition has got so many different names because it is currently one of the most common and unpleasant male health disorders. Originally, the condition was specific in men above 60, but nowadays, its symptoms are rapidly spreading among younger adults. The… >>>

Up-to-Date Treatment of Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is a devastating condition, which requires timely treatment. However, with the development of modern medicine, there are new methods of prostate cancer treatment, which can be effectively used for elimination of its symptoms and further expansion. Once diagnosed with prostate cancer, you need to consult a doctor and… >>>

Stereostatic Body Radiotherapy: New Way to Treat Cancer

Stereostatic body radiotherapy (SBRT) is an ultimately new and rapidly progressing way to treat tumors. The main peculiarity of the experience is reaching the tumor from various positions around the body. As a result, the beams meet the tumor and give a high dose of radiation. However, tissues around the… >>>