Top 10 Reasons that Destroy Your Marriage

If your marriage creaks at all seams, it is the best time to find out possible causes and trying to avoid them. It is never late to find the common solution and avoid a divorce. The main thing here is mutual love, understanding and desire to stay together.

There are many factors that can contribute to your relationships, but here are the most typical ones that serve the reason of quarrels with serious consequences:

  • Creating a hostile and unpleasant environment, which makes the spouses feel uncomfortable in the family. The state when you see everything in a bad light, without any attention to good moments destroy your marriage;
  • Unrealistic expectations from your husband or wife and realities of the real life;
  • Sarcasm, excess criticism, neglecting facial expressions;
  • Withheld sex or affection is one of the most important factors that ruin the relationships, as it not only spoils your relations but plants the seeds of suspicion;
  • Mutual disrespect, misunderstanding and absent desire to understand or share opinions or insight;
  • Constant feeling of dissatisfaction, mainly emotional. A negative attitude towards everything;
  • Crushing and diminishing the spirit;
  • Trying to change the spouse, his/her appearance, character, traits, and habits;
  • Problems apologizing;
  • Ignoring his/her needs and desires.