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Way Blood Type Can Influence Male Sexual Health

connection between erectile dysfunction and blood typeBefore you find the relation between blood and impotence, it is inevitable to mind the process of erection achievement. Blood is an important component of the process, which is necessary for the achievement of a hard and long-lasting erection. The lack of blood flow to the penile area decreases your… >>>

Sleep disorder may cause a development of the erectile dysfunction

Most men know that smoking, alcohol abuse and junk food may cause a development of the erectile dysfunction. But some do not even think that a usual sleep deficiency may also affect their potency.

Researches have proved that insomnia is a cause of the erectile dysfunction in 4-7% of cases.… >>>

Low quality of life and depression may lead to erectile dysfunction

low quality of lifeThere are many, many studies backing up that claim. At the end of the day, it’s just common senses: low quality of life leads to erectile dysfunction. Let’s go over some erectile dysfunction causes categorized as the “lifestyle” ones.

Lifestyle factors which lead to erectile dysfunction

  • Smoking. That’s a big… >>>