Regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer

Staying fit and exercising regularly is not an easy feat. Many people believe that you need inspiration to work out. Everyone keeps on posting motivational quotes and cool pics to stay “motivated”. This is entirely wrong, exercise is not about inspiration, it’s about routine and discipline. Once you build up working out as a nothing more than a simple daily task it starts being something recreational and somewhat fun.

The health benefits are, of course, truly staggering. Recent studies show that staying in shape dramatically reduces your risks of cancer(s). There was a recent article by the New York Times suggesting that cardio decreases risks of breast cancer.

Yet another study by the Carcinogenesis journal details a fascinating discovery by a group of cancer researchers. Two sets of lab rats went under the exposure of a cancer-causing agent. One group of rats was fit and the other was naturally unfit. By the time the research was concluded, it was clear that the unfit test subjects were five times more likely to develop cancer when compared to their fit counterparts.

Studies by the NCI show that fit patients have a 25% lower risk of colorectal cancer when compared to those that aren’t physically active, similarly, fit people have 13% lower risk of breast cancer, 21% lower risk of uterine cancer.

Why staying fit decreases the risks of cancer?

As we mentioned before, working out has a number of positive effects on your body. Some of them are strongly linked with lowering your risks of cancers, including:

  • Lessening inflammation;
  • Boosting immune system;
  • Decreasing the levels of hormones that can act as growth factors for cancers;
  • Aiding in obesity prevention;
  • Lessening the time it takes for foods to digest, i.e. decreasing your digestional tract’s exposure to harmful elements.

With all the serious health benefits of exercise, this should be a no-brainer for you. Stay active, work out, enjoy the benefits. Exercise is what will keep you beautiful and healthy.