Sleep disorder may cause a development of the erectile dysfunction

Most men know that smoking, alcohol abuse and junk food may cause a development of the erectile dysfunction. But some do not even think that a usual sleep deficiency may also affect their potency.

Researches have proved that insomnia is a cause of the erectile dysfunction in 4-7% of cases. It has been found out during the studies that a complete recovery of the body and mind happens in the period of a deep sleep. The active production of the male sexual hormones happens in the body during this period.

The deficit of sleep leads to:

  • Decrease of testosterone level
  • Decreased tolerance to stress
  • Reduced physical fortitude

As a result, it all directly or indirectly affects the erectile function. A deficit of testosterone leads to the decrease of libido, and so a man has a low interest to the sexual activity, and erection is bad.

An emotional instability may cause depression or psychological disorders as a result of the sleep deficit. Due to this, a man will not be ready in time and will not focus on the sexual activity. As a result, erection may be weak at an awkward moment.

A reduction of the physical fortitude tells on the health of a man. Fatigue and apathy appears, and the interest in the physical activity as well as sex is absent.

Moreover, the scientists in Denmark and Great Britain have found out that the deficit of sleep has a complex effect on the sexual function. Men with chronic sleep deficiency have a low quality of the seminal fluid and a reduced production of spermatozoa by 25%. In other words, the less the man sleeps, the worse his reproductive system functions.

If insomnia or sleep deficiency are temporal, it is not dangerous for the sexual function of a man. But if a man cannot set his sleeping regimen within a long period, and he sleeps for 3-5 hours per day and has fatigue, irritability and other symptoms of the sleep deficit, there is a risk of the erectile dysfunction development.

Fortunately, this type of the sexual disorder is quickly treatable, and sometimes there is no need to take the pills. It is enough to take a rest, set healthy and strong sleep, and adjust the sleep regimen and healthy diet. It is very important, because the body works on its schedule, and any failures may lead to the disorder of the hormone production. And it may lead not only to the erectile dysfunction, but also to many other pathologies.