Does Testosterone Therapy Improve Sexual and Urinary Function?

Testosterone is a significant steroid hormone, which is naturally produced in the organism to balance numerous essential functions, including urinary, sexual and metabolic. It is also involved in the regulation of several other critical functions. Testosterone decrease is a part of the aging process, which also triggers the symptoms of testosterone deficiency, specifically erectile dysfunction, excess fatigue, low energy and others.
Testosterone replacement therapy is one of the revolutionary methods of the condition treatment. However, numerous expert urologists are convinced that such therapies can aggravate the signs of low urinary tract symptoms and advance prostate size. The results of the recent investigation contradict the claim, showing significant improvements in the urinary system functioning and male sexual sphere. The researchers found that people undergoing testosterone replacement therapy had considerably fewer urinary symptoms, especially incomplete bladder emptying, frequent urination, weak urinary stream and others. In addition to these health advancements, the therapy is approved to interfere with sexual functioning and overall quality of life. Besides, the findings of the study disprove the opinion about possible advancement in prostate size as a result of testosterone replacement therapy.
Generally, a clinically tested and approved treatment is beneficial for the male health, but it can trigger significant positive influences when taken for an extended period of time. Thorough therapy is required to experience considerable condition improvements. During the first two years of the treatment, over 50% of males were reported to obtain significant health advancements in the urinary tract and sexual functions. Progressive reduction in postvoiding bladder volume was also observed after the treatment with testosterone. The team of researchers has also noticed significant advancements in the male ability to achieve and hold an erection. Generally, with a minor impact on the overall health state, testosterone replacement therapy helps men balance the bothering conditions and advance the quality of life.