Devastating Health Conditions Caused by Impotence

As a rule, male inability to achieve and hold an erection is a reason for concern, as it prevents men from satisfactory and pleasurable sex. However, as the recent research shows, it is not the most significant problem. Erectile dysfunction is an early symptom of heart problems. Over 26 studies proved the interrelation between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disorders.

The connection between sexual and cardiovascular impairments can be explained by blood circulation disorders, specific for both conditions. Additionally, the relation between impotence and poor endothelium functioning can be observed, which causes an inability of blood vessels to enlarge and pass the blood.
Consequently, erectile dysfunction should be viewed not as an inability to have healthy sex, but as a sign of more significant health disorders. Atherosclerosis is another drastic condition, which can be triggered by untreated erectile dysfunction. The results of the investigation show that timely impotence treatment can help prevent further health aggravations and warn the development of cardiovascular problems.