Scientists Defined Sports Dangerous for Male Health

Following the recent study, several sports were classified as dangerous for male health, as they can negatively impact sexual functioning, the operation of the urinary tract and trigger similar health concerns. Cycling is number one risk factor of impotence development. The complicated blood circulation leads to impotence development and metabolism within the connective tissues of the corpora cavernosa.

erectile dysfunction risk factors
Horseriding and motorcycling are in the same group of risky sports as cycling. The reason remains the same. According to the statistics, professional cyclists, horseback riders, and motorcyclists are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and urinary tract problems more frequently than usual people.
Following the rules of occupational health is the only solution to the problem. Doctors recommend using wider seats, frequently changing the position while riding and taking breaks. Besides, the scientists mention that regular cycling, once or twice a week, is not likely to cause any disorders. Testosterone level can also be decreased as a result of the marathon race, impairing libido and overall sexual health.