Stress and Its Influence on Male Sexual Function and Duration of Intercourse

Male Sexual HealthIf you are an adult man, after 45 years old, you have probably heard about this frustrating and embarrassing problem called premature ejaculation. The issue hits mainly older people, but it can occur within the younger generation as well. The symptoms of the disorder are rather vivid, as a man ejaculates right after penetration and sometimes even before it. The result is a spoiled sexual intercourse, low-self esteem, and bad relations.

The worst thing about premature ejaculation is not even its severity or influence on the organism, but the absence of the clear reason for its development. The causes of the condition appearance can be the most different, varying from simple stress up to severe health abnormalities. Stress, anxiety, depression and similar psychological conditions are the key reasons for an inability to delay orgasm.

The symptoms of PE can be accompanied by other embarrassing signs, such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, no sexual desire and others. The duration of the intercourse in such instances can be equal to zero. However, the consequence is spoiled mood, relations, and health.

Warning Problems Related to Male Sexual Health: Priligy as Top Remedy to Eliminate Signs of Premature Ejaculation

Good news at this point is the availability of pharmaceuticals, which can balance an ability to control ejaculation and prolong the desired sexual intercourse. Priligy is a revolutionary drug, which features Dapoxetine that is an active ingredient. Due to its powerful influence on the body, the drug helps control orgasm and its appearance, promoting a successful and ultimately satisfactory intercourse.

While the effectiveness of the remedy cannot be questioned, results of investigations show that a considerable percentage of men have problems associated with Priligy misuse and overuse. Therefore, it is inevitable to consider the drug safety before the beginning of its use. Mind that Priligy is belongs to the drugs, which should not be taken daily. Administer one Priligy tablet 60 minutes within the presumable sexual experience. Its results will impress you and your partner.

However, the drug should not be taken by men, who are hypersensitive to Dapoxetine or other components of the medication. Patients with serious health disorders, hypertension, kidney or liver impairments, diabetes and similar conditions should get individual dose adjustment and intake directions. Keep in mind that severe health problems and complications can appear as a result of Priligy misuse. Seek emergency medical assistance in case you have got any abnormalities after the use of the remedy.

Generally, Priligy is a safe premature ejaculation treatment, if administered in accordance with the safety instructions. This effective medication can overcome problems related to early ejaculation and balance the male ability to delay orgasms without extra effort.