Gout can cause erectile disfunction

Gout, in and of itself, is already is a serious struggle. If you compound it with erectile disfunction, your life can become a living nightmare. Several new studies suggest that there’s a clear and direct link between gout and erectile dysfunction. In this brief article, we talk about these two conditions and how they intertwine.

The Studies

There have been several pieces of research in the previous years, but we’re not taking them into account. The most recent findings were presented at the EULAR 2017. There’s a worrying amount of evidence linking the two, but there’s still no evidence that gout leads to erectile dysfunction.

The study also suggests that it’s a two-way street. Some people report sexual issues even before they had severe problems with their toes. If we are talking numbers, men with gout are 30% more likely to report erectile disfunction than men who don’t suffer from this condition. Two years from the gout diagnosis, your risk of ED becomes 78% higher than with healthy people.

The Reasons

Gout occurs when your body has too much uric acid. The said acid deposits in the big toe and it hurts bad/leads to swelling and redness. There are many factors that lead to both erectile disfunction and gout: smoking, being overweight and alcoholism. There’s no concrete proof but the researchers think that that excessive uric acid affects the blood vessels, which in turn leads to ED.

Causes of Impotence

The Aftermath

As we mentioned before, gout is a serious condition on its own. Don’t hesitate to go to the doctor’s. As far as the erectile disfunction is concerned, you can lower your risks of both conditions by living a healthier life. The first thing you need to do is find a healthier diet. Then you should start limiting your alcohol consumption. Then you should find an exercise regimen that you can stick to. The hardest part is going to be the inevitable – quitting smoking. It’s highly addictive and highly dangerous, everybody knows that.

After you have made these changes, you can sleep well knowing that your risks of both gout and erectile disfunction are at an all-time low.