Methods of Male Contraception

Overview of Male ContraceptivesWhile female birth control techniques are more popular, contraception for men is also ultimately important. However, there are only a few ways males can warn unwanted pregnancy. Traditionally, there are two effective options for contraception, including vasectomy and condoms. Contrary to this, women have more than 11 different techniques of birth prevention. As a result, birth control is considered to be mainly a female issue. However, the biggest problem at this point is the fact that drug companies claim the issue to be solved, despite the high cost, inconvenience and numerous side effects of existing contraception methods.

While the modern pharmaceutical market is aimed mainly at female birth control pills, it is inevitable to find inexpensive, dependable, reversible and safe ways for men to warn pregnancy. The results of several medical studies have shown that there are 3 effective and exceptionally safe ways for males to prevent pregnancy, but still enjoy a pleasurable intercourse:

  • Vasalgel. It is a non-surgical and reversible type of vasectomy. Instead of cutting the vas deferens, you will get a polymer gel injected, which will block sperm. The gel can be easily removed by another injection that dissolves it. The method works rather fast, so it will take only 3-5 days before you are completely safe having sex without any consequences. The opposite process will take a bit longer, up to 4 months.
  • Hormonal gel. It is another solution, which is temporary, though effective. A combination of progestin/testosterone gels can inhibit sperm production. Just rub the gel into the skin and wait until it starts working. The sperm count will be back to normal right after you stop the gel use. The safety and effectiveness of this method are guaranteed, but you should never give it to children or women. Otherwise, severe side effects and unwanted reactions can appear.
  • Dry-orgasm pills. Such medications are exceptionally popular among men, who strive to prevent pregnancy but experience all the benefits of sex. Based on blood pressure medications, such clean-sheets pills are hormone-free and guarantee a fast effect. The active ingredients of the drug shut off the muscles, which propel semen without inhibiting any other sex part, especially orgasm.