Ways to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Q: I have been suffering from premature ejaculation for over 6 months, tried different methods of its treatment, but the vast majority of them are either ineffective or produce only a temporary action. What are the powerful treatments of premature ejaculation?


A:Premature ejaculation is a serious health disorder that is defined as an inability to control ejaculation, so that a man ejaculates either right before the penetration or shortly after it. As a result, both partners are dissatisfied with the intercourse and anxious about further experience. There is nothing strange in the desire to overcome the condition and eliminate its symptoms. However, medication or surgery is not the first option you need to consider.

Understanding the reason of premature ejaculation occurrence is halfway to its treatment. The disorder is frequently triggered by psychological factors, such as anxiety, depression or guilt. Certain medical issues, such as injury, hormonal imbalance and medication side effects can also serve the reason for condition aggravation. Therefore, primarily to the beginning of premature ejaculation treatment, you need to reduce the influence of underlying health abnormalities.

A healthy lifestyle, no tobacco and alcohol use, balanced diet, regular exercising and balanced emotional state are the components of successful ejaculation treatment. Additionally, certain medications can boost the effect, including antidepressants. Paxil, Tramadol, Anafranil and a range of other remedies can decrease anxiety, providing you with an ability to control ejaculation. Special creams and pills for premature ejaculation can be individually adjusted by your doctor.