How to Stay Long in Bed?

Men are believed to be the sterner sex: they have bigger muscles and can withstand a bigger physical workload. However, they do have a lot of weaknesses and a man’s body needs a careful attitude because it does break down! Here are ten health tips, every man (and his woman!) must know and follow:

  1. Stay physically fit. Use every little opportunity to give your arms, legs, torso, etc. some physical work, even if it is not too hard: choose a walk instead of a ride, walk up the stairway instead of using a moving one or elevator, take up running, etc. If you have to sit all day long for occupational reasons, go to the gym after work!
  2. If you have chosen a gym, outline your training program. Address a professional coach. Share information about your health and submit results of your recent health checks. Based on this information, you and your coach can draw up your exercise pattern in a way to make all your muscles work properly.
  3. Stay mentally fit. Do your uttermost to find the work you really like. If you have a hobby, go for it whenever you have time to. Maintain healthy family relationships. Learn the art of time management and do not leave unfinished businesses behind. Simply put, try to eliminate all the reasons for concern!
  4. Sleep well. This tip stems from the previous one. According to doctors, 7 hours of sleep each day is an absolute must. This will keep all systems and organs working properly. There is no activity that can make up for lost sleep hours. Failure to sleep well may lead to physical and mental exhaustion and numerous health issues.
  5. Outline your diet. This may take professional advice. Again, based on your current age and state of health (confirmed by health check results that you have), you and your doctor (dietician) can make a list of products and ingredients that have a healthy effect on your body.
  6. Men’s Health TipsPrevention is the best cure! Go for health checks on a regular basis. This may include blood and urine tests, X-rays, ultrasound checks, etc. If you are well past middle age, have your prostate checked. This organ tends to grow in size with age. Regular examination of the reproductive and urinary systems will help you prevent ego-crippling sexual issues and cancer. Keep track of your cardiovascular system and control your body weight! Do not rely on random sources of information and use every chance to consult your healthcare provider. Do not go for self-treatment if you realize you have a health issue.
  7. Look after your hair! Any change in its shape or sudden hair loss may indicate a hormonal shift or health issue. Consult your doctor and get a professional consultation.
  8. Visit a dentist regularly! Tooth decay and early tooth loss can seriously impair your nutrition and result in serious gastrointestinal disorders.
  9. Go out! Seeing your friends and regular family trips are an excellent cure for bad mood, depression, and, consequently, various physical disorders.
  10. Have a good and satisfying sex life! However, in order to be a rock in bed for the rest of your life, you must follow all the above-mentioned tips (and many others as well).