Penis Deformity

Q: My penis is curved to the left during erection. How can it be treated?


A:Erectile dysfunction is a complicated condition that is ultimately popular among men of different age. The condition influences an ability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for a successful and healthy sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be of numerous forms, with Peyronie’s disease being one of them. The problem is characterized by the bend in the penis, which usually results in painful erection and other inconvenience.

A curved erection is not always a symptom of a serious health problem. However, men with Peyronie’s disease have frequent troubles in bed. Discomfort and anxiety are the two main issues.

Once you have noticed any complications related to penile bend, you need to contact a medical specialist and get qualified assistance. The condition can be treated, but it will take some time and effort. There is a chance to deal with the issue without any medications, surgeries and other procedures. What you need to do is just find the reason of the disorder and eliminate it. While the source of the condition is mainly unknown, your doctor can prescribe a sophisticated therapy to eliminate nasty symptoms. Trauma or serious penile injury can serve the trigger of erectile dysfunction development.

To overcome the problem and enjoy healthy sex, you need to contact your medical specialist, get diagnosed and receive a proper treatment. A physical exam will provide your doctor with complete information about your condition. Measuring the penis, ultrasound and X-rays will reveal the presence of scars or other problems.

When you get a proper diagnosis, you can start a treatment course. If the symptoms are not severe, your doctor may advise a “watchful waiting”, since certain lifestyle changes can considerably improve the situation. However, in case the signs of the disorder are aggravating and getting increasingly bothersome, you should start medical therapy. A healthy lifestyle is also inevitable.