Bothersome Weak Erection

Q: I am 43, and recently I have faced a problem of weak erection. Sometimes I cannot even finish the intercourse. How to deal with it?


A:Before trying to find an effective solution and deal with the symptoms of weak erection or developing erectile dysfunction, it is important to consider the frequency of its occurrence and possible reasons. Rare inability to achieve and maintain a hard erection till the end of a sexual intercourse can be sometimes provoked by numerous psychological factors, including stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, low spirits and others. Younger adults are not likely to have serious health concerns related to erectile dysfunction. Besides, weak erection can serve the sign of the underlying health complications.

On the other hand, when the inability to obtain and maintain an erection is getting regular or permanent, you need to see your doctor and start the treatment course. The up-to-date market can offer a wide range of effective solutions to overcome the disorder and provide you with the hard and durable erection you have previously had.

Consider the symptoms of the disorder and try to find out its cause first. In case the disorder is provoked by the conditions you can eliminate, do it. Avoiding possible erectile dysfunction triggers can serve a perfect treatment. If this method is ineffective, you can start a powerful therapy with one of the ultimately effective and safe medications such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis or their quality generic counterparts. Follow the safety recommendations to forget about erectile disorders and guarantee a safe treatment course.