I can’t get erection

Q: I don’t get erections anymore; does that mean I have an ED?


A:The problem of erectile dysfunction is not that easy. Considering the process of gaining and holding an erection, it is inevitable to pay due attention to all the components, including hormones, central nervous system, brain, blood circulation and several other body functions. The impairment related to any of these features can prevent a healthy man from gaining an erection. Therefore, problems with erection do not mean you are impotent.

Stress, anxiety, depression, problems at work, relationship complications and similar emotional disorders usually serve the reason for temporary erectile dysfunction occurrence. It means you will have difficulties obtaining and holding an erection at times of psychological distress. However, the symptoms will disappear, and your sexual health will be balanced the moment you get rid of the underlying conditions.

Instead, permanent impotence symptoms may require medical consultation and serious treatment. Diabetes, heart abnormalities, blood pressure imbalances, cholesterol issues and similar physical problems can lead to nasty erectile dysfunction symptoms and constant failures in bed. At this point, you will need to get qualified medical assistance, treating the underlying condition. If sexual function does not get balanced after the therapy, you can take one of the effective impotence drugs that can bring your healthy erection back. Anyway, experiencing harsh times gaining and holding an erection is not a reason to worry. Be patient, watch the symptoms and contact your medical specialist at the right time.